To our Valued Patients,

As COVID-19 impacts all of us, please know that our office staff and providers are taking extra steps to help deter any spread of the coronavirus and are closely following CDC guidelines and recommendations. We have added important measures to our routine protocols; to help avoid exposure to our patients, their family, our staff members and healthcare providers, we are pre-screening everyone prior to entering the office. All patients, including those accompanying you, will have his/her vitals taken by a Medical Assistant in front of the building before entering the office.  Those accompanying you will only be allowed to enter the building if it’s crucial and their presence is needed during your appointment.

Per the CDC recommendations if you think you have been infected with this virus and are short of breath, have a fever, or cough you should stay home and self-isolate.  We recommend that if your symptoms are mild you stay home, rest, hydrate, use decongestant and fever reducers.  If symptoms worsen, and/or you have other medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, lung disease,  we recommend that you are evaluated at your local emergency room.

Many medical questions can be answered by having a telemedicine appointment also known as a virtual appointment. You can use either your smartphone or a laptop or tablet as long as it has a camera, microphone and internet connection. We strongly advocate telemedicine appointments to help flatten the curve. This type of appointment is like a regular office visit but doesn’t require you to leave your home. Please note that this is a billable service and some insurance companies may not cover it. Call our office today if you’re needing to schedule a telemedicine appointment.

For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit these sites:

Or contact Arizona Department of Health Services 1-844-542-8201


We sincerely thank you,
The Staff and Healthcare Providers of Central Arizona Medical Associates

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